A Remote For Newsbin: NBRemote Is In Development

November 16, 2011

It has come to our attention through the release of their recent beta version 6.11 that the team over at Newsbin have been collaborating with a couple of developers and have come up with the idea of a remote control for your installation of Newsbin. The app, which is only for Windows XP platform so far, is said to be able to search Usenet files, download posts, check the current status of downloads in your Newsbin client, and remotely control the Newsbin client.

As we said, the app is still in development and testing, and has been programmed all in the language of C#. They have put out a call to anyone interested in helping them further develop the app, they can contact the team through their Source Forge page, or go here to get more information. There is also an IOS app being developed at this time, too, and we can’t wait to check it out.

Right now the development is being done by jonnybergdahl and nbdexter. But the original work on the application was started by Quade over at Newsbin. Quade provided the base and functionality for the simplest of the controls. They are looking for programmers that have a demonstrated ability to work with C# and the Dot.net environments. If you are interested you can contact them the link above.

This app was released along with Newsbin’s release of their new beta version, 6.11 RC1. The guys over at Newsbin have been very busy lately with upgrades and adding stuff in. This version has added the capability of more remote control, and they also fixed a few bugs in the client. For more information on Newsbin Pro you can check out our review on them at our

Newsbin Review.

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