A New Version Of SAABnzbd Has Been Announced: Version 6.14

February 20, 2012

With the 3 and a half million download milestone approaching, the development team at SABnzbd decided it would be a good time to get a new version out there that will take care of some of the issues that have been noticed by all you folks out there using it. The new version is 6.14, and you can download it on their website right now, just pay attention to select the correct installer for your platform. And as always, SABnzbd works on virtually any operating system in existence.

What This Version Fixes

We have been using and enjoying SABnzbd quite a bit for a while now, and haven’t experienced much in the way of problems. But, there have been a couple of issues arise for some of you out there when operating under certain circumstances. And the development crew has managed to get quite a few of your issues fixed, and updated. This is a partial list of the fixes that are listed on their blog:

  • History entries are removed when you retry an URL fetch from history.
  • Some reported zip file retrieval on certain websites was a problem, this has been fixed.
  • Detection of encrypted RAR’s during downloads was improved.
  • SFV files verification in the event of PAR2 failure was fixed.
  • Pre-queue script results logging was fixed.
  • Job administration more carefully checked now.
  • Yahoo pipes has better support now.
  • NZB’s with incorrect dates will be accepted now.
  • Platform specific paths that are coming from sorting will be normalized now.
  • OSX Growling issues has been fixed.
And those aren’t the full list by any means, we shortened it a bit for brevity.

Go And Get Your Copy

If you already have SABnzbd, we know you are going to want to run over there right away and get your copy of this new version. At the 3.5 million download milestone they gave us these improvements, wonder what they will do for the 4 million download milestone. If you haven’t been using it yet, then you can get more intimate details on this download client in our SABnzbd Review.

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