5 Alternatives to Popcorn Time

December 7, 2017

Want an alternative to Popcorn Time? Here are some of the other options out there if you want to stream movies.



TorrenTV is easy to use, features a drag-and-drop interface and should be simple enough for most people to install. The app will play magnet and torrent files to your streaming devices and, just as is the case with local files, all you have to do is drag and drop them into the player to start viewing.

This app is available as a beta for Windows and Mac. There are also 32- and 64-bit Linux versions available. Users report a few bugs here and there but, if you want something easy to use and that interfaces with AppleTV and other streaming options, this is one to look at.


xino (4)

Isoplex allows you to stream torrents from any site by using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It’s also provided with a search engine that lets you find a specific movie and a browse function for when you cannot decide what you want to watch.

It’s not as smooth as Popcorn time, but it should serve as a good alternative to those who want to continue to stream directly from torrents. Isoplex is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Think of it as a somewhat less developed version of Popcorn Time and you shouldn’t be disappointed, but don’t expect all the features you got used to when streaming off of Popcorn Time.

Update April 2017 – Isoplex is no longer available.



Zona allows you to stream torrents just like Popcorn Time. This program, hailing from Russia, has a slick interface that you can customize by choosing one of three different themes that come bundled with the software.

The program will notify you of any series, movies or even music releases you’re interested in. It has its own torrent client and search engine. Zona is currently available for Windows only



A service from the well-known folks at Yifi, Yifi.tv allows you to stream movies in your browser. The site is arranged a bit like Netflix, with carousel movie listings that you can scroll through to find whatever it is you might be after.

The player isn’t always totally reliable and you’ll find instances where all of the mirrors for a given stream are down, but you can certainly find a lot of content on this site to peruse.


xino (3)

Flixtor streams content from torrents. It came out shortly after Popcorn Time was taken down, though the developers say that they had planned on releasing the program quite a while before Popcorn Time bit the dust.

The interface on Flixtor is pretty similar to Popcorn Time’s, so you shouldn’t have much to deal with if you’re moving from Popcorn Time to this option. You can download the program from GitHub. It’s open source and completely free. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

A Note on These Programs

These programs all rely on torrents to provide content, so you’ll want to make sure your connection is private while you’re using them.

Since you don’t have the same SSL option you have when downloading USENET binaries, a VPN is your best bet for security when using any of these programs. Newshosting and Tweaknews both offer their USENET service packaged with a VPN Service, which is a good option.

There are plenty of other good VPN services to choose from out there, however, so explore and make sure that you choose a VPN server located outside of your own nation and that’s located in a jurisdiction with good privacy protection.

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