3 Years in Prison and $100K in Fines for Cyberlocker Operator

December 16, 2015


Rocky Ouprasith was sentenced to three years in prison and hit with $100,000 in fines over copyright infringement on his former site RockDizFile.com. The ruling came down from US District Judge Rebeca Beach Smith in the Eastern District Court of Virginia on November 17.

The 23-year old plead guilty to criminal copyright infringement charges in August of this year. In addition to the prison time, Ouprasith will have to spend two years on supervised release.

Criminal Infringement and Ignored Takedown Notices

Ouprasith operated the site between May of 2011 and October of 2014, according to the US Department of Justice. The site provided access to copyrighted materials, including songs and full albums. Some of the material was made available before it was officially released.

According to the press release from the USDOJ, Ouprasith also solicited affiliates to provide access to copyrighted music. The servers for RockDizFile.com were hosted in France, the Netherlands and Russia.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is referenced in the release, saying that RockDizFile.com was the second-largest online file-sharing website in the US focused on music.

Ouprasith also admitted ignoring DMCA takedown notices. In some cases, he would pretend to honor the request, but would later provide access to the same files that were ordered taken down.

Court documents state that Ouprasith pirated materials with a market value in excess of $6 million.

Cyberlockers Under Assault

The US isn’t the only nation where cyberlockers are being targeted by law enforcement. In Brazil, the owners of Mega Filmes HD were recently arrested , marking something of a sea change in Brazil’s formerly spotty record where enforcement of IP law is concerned.

Mega Filmes HD boasted as many as 60 million visitors per month, according to reporting in TorrentFreak. The site was operated by a couple, who lived a rather lavish lifestyle, according to the reporting, after police conducted a two-moth investigation into the site.

The operators and admins are set to be indicted on criminal charges.

In other IP-related news, the sites YTS and YIFI, famous for their film torrents, were shut down in November of this year, which could have serious impacts for the number of films available on BitTorrent.

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