2014 Top Quality Usenet Provider Award: Giganews

February 6, 2014

giganews logoWhen judging this category, everything counts. Server speed, retention, features, maintenance, support and secondary services that are given to the customer. There are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration. And in this category this year, Giganews has won hands down. They have held to standards that are far above and beyond expectations, and provide peripheral services that add value to, and expand the Usenet experience.

More On Giganews

When you sign up for a Diamond account not only do you get the Usenet access, but Dump Truck online storage, and the VyprVPN service are thrown in the mix. Here’s some more about their service:

  • 2,002 days binary retention over more than 110,000 newsgroups.
  • Unlimited speeds with a maximum of 50 concurrent connections.
  • Free Mimo Newsreader.
  • VyprVPN and Dump Truck online storage access.
  • Outstanding support teams. 

Giganews In The News

2013 saw Giganews in our headlines just a few times as the retention rates were updated. There were the usual updates to the software clients, and of course the occasional support tickets and bug reports which didn’t make the news.

Congratulations Giganews

We know about the kind of dedication and hard work it takes to run a Usenet business, and you guys are handling 3 related businesses with a high level of success! You have certainly earned our 2014 Top Quality Usenet Provider Award.

twitter logoLet us know who you thought should have won this award, send us a tweet to @usenetreviewz.  Also check out our review of Giganews  for more specifics about them.

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