2014 Easiest To Use Usenet Service: Easynews

February 20, 2014

Easynews logoThis category is reserved for only the easiest to use providers. So, access via the internet is a huge plus for the providers that are considered for this category. And here, Easynews is not only the first to allow internet access, they are the absolute best. In both, internet access and NNTP access, Easynews excells. There’s also a 14 day free trial that will allow you up to 100 GB of downloading from more than 107,000 newsgroups across 2,000 days of retention…

The Last Year For Easynews

There have been a few updates in the last 12 months, along with retention increases, but no bad reports whatsoever. And while they so offer web access, NNTP only memberships has not suffered any. They also still offer a 14 day trial of their web based access for all their NNTP only members. Here’s some more of what Easynews has to offer:

  • Both NNTP and web based access available.
  • Retention of 2,000 days across 107,000 newsgroups.
  • Free 256 bit SSL
  • Thumbnails and previewing fully supported.
  • Tutorials, tutorials, tutorials…enough to help beginners and pros alike.
  • Live support 24\7\365

Easynews In Our News

The last year has only seen Easynews in our headlines a few times. There were the retention increases, but nothing unusual of note. Presently web access has a retetnion rate of 525 days, and NNTP has a whopping 2,000 days of binary retention! Whether newbie or seasoned veteran, Easynews has everything that a person could want.

Congratulations To The Easynews Teams

It takes a lot of hard work to develop, maintain, and keep up with the members issues, and here’s where all your hard work pays off. So keep up all the good work, everyone has noticed!

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