2013 Most Innovative Usenet Provider Award: Giganews

June 9, 2017

Giganews-2013-Most-Innovative-Usenet-Provider-AwardThis is the first year for this category, and we will be giving this one to the Usenet Providers who show the most innovation in combining their offerings to suit the average Usenet community member. And in this category, Giganews stands out as the Usenet provider who, with their partners at Golden frog, have provided their subscribers with the most new and innovative ways to enjoy the Usenet experience. Here’s a closer look at what Giganews offers their subscribers to enhance their service.

VyprVPN For Security, Anonymity, Speed

Whether you are worried about the corporate heads looking into what you are doing, or keeping your ISP from throttling downloads, or worried that hackers and thieves are out to get at your critical financial data, it’s a good thing to have a VPN in your toolbox. Giganews knew that many of their members wanted privacy and security when they browse and download Usenet articles, so they partnered with Golden Frog, a software development firm, and started offering VyprVPN to their Diamond members. But many of their other members protested the shortage, and eventually won out…VyprVPN service is now available to all their members no matter the level of membership. There are installers for every platform, and apps are available for mobile users.

Dump Truck Online Storage – “Your Files Anywhere”

Giganews knew that safe, secure, online storage is important to many of the members also, so Diamond account members are now treated to up to 30 GBs of secure online storage through Golden Frogs’ Dump Truck Online Storage. Other Giganews accounts get 5 GBs with their account. Dump Truck Online Storage stores the files in 256 bit AES encrypted form on the server, can sync files between computers and devices, and public sharing is also supported. There are clients for every platform, and most every type of mobile device is fully supported. There’s a Web based app, called WebDAV, that uses versioning and will allow you access to your online files from any browser.

Mimo Browser – Only Diamond Members

One of the most powerful Newsreaders available. It has an integrated search, automatic unpacking and repairing of downloaded binaries, and is highly optimized just for the Giganews servers. They know their Diamond members are serious about Usenet, so they built one to satisfy the harshest critic. Queing, scheduling, speed limiting, thumbnails, and previewing are all supported. The Golden Frog Usenet search that is integrated into the browser is fast, has a lot of filters, and there’s a parental control built into the browser. The Mimo Usenet Newsreader has been, and remains, one of the most solid and reliable newsreaders available.

Congratulations Giganews

Since you are the first winner of the Most Innovative Usenet Provider Award you are setting the standard. And with criteria like that the competition is sure to be fierce for next years award. Golden Frog Developers and Giganews staff deserve a huge pat on the back. Thanks for all the hard work, and please, keep it up!

Let us know what you think about our first Most Innovative Provider Award, and who you think it should be next year, send a tweet to us at: @usenetreviewz.

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