2013 Most Improved Simple Usenet Provider: Usenet.net

October 5, 2017

Usenet.net-2013-Most-Improved-Simple-Usenet-ProviderThis category takes most of the providers from the Just the Basics category, and compares the number and quality of upgrades/updates and features added, plus any additional services added on or altered throughout the last year. And in this category, Usenet.net has had a very good year keeping their developers and service staff busy.

Usenet.net For The Last Year

There has been the standard fare of updating software, a few bug fixes, and helping their subscribers get the correct settings, but the remarkable part of the last 12 months has been their retion rates spooling to more than 1,600 days on the binary side. Here’s a little more about Usenet.net:

  • Mainitains one of the highest retention and completion rates. 1,642 days of binary and 3,522 days of text retention at 99% completion.
  • 2 Unlimited accounts: 30 connections w/SSL, or 15 connections.
  • Multiple ports are acceptable. NNTP ports include 23 and 80, while SSL ports are 443 and 563.
  • Promotional prices and free 5 day 10GB trial.
  • 24/7/365 support is available.

Usenet.net In Our News For The Last Year

No news is good news…at least where the last year for Usenet.net developers and support staff. We don’t generally post about routine updates, unless there are security issues, and there were no serious threats to their subscribers. We did have occasion to congratulate them in a post concerning Usenet retention rates being on the rise. They were among the top 5 providers with the longest retention rates.

Congratulations To The Entire Usenet.net Crew

We know the kind of hard work it takes to run a service like yours. It’s isn’t something that runs itself, by any means. It takes a lot of work, and Usenet.net certainly deserves this recognition.

Let us know if you agree or disagree with us on this. You can also find out the latest, and even let us know about newsworthy Usenet community events by sending us a tweet to: @usenetreviewz.

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