2013 Most Anonymous/Private Provider Award: Astraweb

March 11, 2013

Astraweb-2013-Most-Anonymous-Private-Provider-AwardEvery Usenet Provider we list takes your privacy seriously and would never sell it to a third party…or else we wouldn’t list them on our website. But, a few of the providers go an extra mile to insure that your privacy is protected in every way. What data is kept in their server logs, are connection logs kept, and if so how often are they purged, which jurisdiction the provider answers to, and a few other security concerns, matter in this category. And for another year, Astraweb got the highest grades in all of these areas…and more.

Astraweb For The Last 12 Months

They started the year out with a fresh upgrade on their server farms in Europe, then announced a couple of new package plans. They got the go-ahead from Paypal, a rarity among the Usenet providers, considering the stringent stipulations to the contract. Late in the year the support teams and developers encountered a few authentication issues, and these were followed up by upgrades to the same servers. They stopped accepting 2CheckOut payments, but we didn’t think this would be much of a problem to the few that are using it. Finally, in December they announced that 20% of header downloads would now be counted against metered accounts.

Astraweb At A Glance

Astraweb has been one of our premier Usenet Providers since out beginning, and is one of the oldest and most respected Usenet Providers in business today. They own their own servers, both in Europe and the US, but are headquartered in Singapore. In spite of this, they honor DMCA takedown requests and will quickly ban repeat copyright infringers. The logs kept on their servers are for maintenance purposes, and no identifying information is kept in them, though when posting, an encrypted identifying tag is added to the post for tracking abusive users. (ie: copyright infringement and child pornography.) Here’s a little more on Astraweb:

  • Retention, 1,663 days; 99% completion.
  • SSL for every account type is free.
  • 20 concurrent connections allowed.
  • Servers in the US and Europe, and owned by them.
  • Paypal now accepted, and lots of different plans now.
  • Complete headers as far back as the entire retention.

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Thanks For Another Great Year, Astraweb

And congratulations for winning this award, you have certainly earned it. Keeping pace with the other providers’ retentions, speeds, and security isn’t an easy thing to do. But keep up you do, and all the while keeping your subscribers safe from intrusions into their privacy. Good Job!

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