2013 Easiest To Use Usenet Service Provider: Easynews

June 7, 2017

2013-Easiest-To-Use-Provider-EasynewsThis category goes to the Usenet provider that gives Usenet access in the most user friendly fashion as possible. And with the popularity of the internet, web browser based access is a HUGE plus. A plus that few providers other than Easynews has. But if you like the old fashioned NNTP, which is just as easy as the web based is, then you can elect for NNTP only access. There’s a 14 day free trial that includes up to 100 GB of downloads from their more than 107,000 newsgroups.

Easynews For The Last Year

The last year has seen a few updates, and increases in retention. They managed to squeeze another 410 days of retention, bringing total searchable retention of 1,610 days for binaries. Encrypted connections are available, and they allow for roll-over gigs. They also announced the roll-out of their NNTP only plan in April of last year, and in June upped the ante on their trial account to 100 GB. Also they said that if NNTP access was purchased that a 14 day 10 GB trial on the HTTP, (Internet based,) access would be given the member, too. Here’s a little more of what Easynews offers:

  • Internet and NNTP access both available.
  • Retention rate of 1,610 days for NNTP and 200+ days for internet based access.
  • 256 bit SSL on all accounts.
  • Thumbnail previews.
  • Over 100,000 newsgroups and 99%+
  • Outstanding video tutorials to teach subscribers how to use newsreader.
  • 24/7/365 live support.

Easynews In Our News For The Last Year

Over the last year there have been a few times that Easynews made headlines. The upgrading of the trial accounts was a huge event that raised many eye-brows. The NNTP only plan made many of the old-school Usenet hounds very happy. The Web based access made everybody happy, and they are still working to extend the retention significantly beyond the 200+ days for binaries that currently exists.

Congratulations To All The Easynews Crew

Your hard work not only pays off with this small token, but with a huge subscribership worldwide. Give them a try, for the novice, or well seasoned veteran, their service and support will impress.

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