2013 Best Web Based Newsreader: SABnzbd

March 9, 2013

2013-Best-Web-Based-Newsreader-SABnzbdBrand new Web based Usenet services, clients, utilities, etc., are being introduced every day, and we love them. Almost as much as our readers do. In this category the quality and number of features, ease of use, security, etc., are critically examined. We consider the patches and bug fixes, updates, and new feature add-ons, throughout the past 12 months. And, in the Newsreader Category, SABnzbd was the unanimous vote of all our Voting Editors.

The Last 12 Months For SABnzbd

The last year has held a few events of mention. There have been patches and bug fixes, but there has also been a couple of version releases. Presently, the most stable version is 0.7.11 Final. As with all other versions, this client will work on any OS that is internet capable. Several of our Voting Editors mumbled about the ease of use, but they also pointed out that the price is certainly right – Free. True, it is a little difficult to configure…at first. But with the tutorials, and a setup walkthrough, the learning curve for the client is easily climbed. Here are a few of SABnzbds’ key points:

  • Open Source – Completely free. SABnzbd has been downloaded more than 5,688,000 times.
  • It Works Anywhere- Windows, OSX, and Linux installers are available. (Jaunty made installation extremely easy in Ubuntu Distros.)
  • Support – One Editor said that he was “stunned” at the level of help available for a free newsreader. SABnzbd has regular support and development teams, and forums, also an abundance of tutorials, and live chat. “This level of support is common for purchased clients and services,” he said, “but for an open source client to have this level is very unusual.”
  • Mobile Apps Available – SABnzbd has every mobile platform covered, too. iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7. On a side note, API keys are available to ambitious developers.
  • Tutorials – SABnzbd is a little difficult. But learning the little idiosyncrasies isn’t difficult as there are plenty of easy to understand tutorials. The community forums are also helpful and quite friendly.
  • Integration – Integrates with almost all Newsnab sites, (almost all NZB search indexes.) Importing or opening the NZB of your choice is easy.

Read SABnzbd Detailed Review Here

SABnzbd In Our News

Perhaps the largest developments for SABnzbd in the last 12 months, (or so,) started In Dec 2011 when they announced the release of version 0.6.14, but that was just the start of a short string of version releases. V. 0.7.4 soon followed, then a few months later 0.7.5, and now are presently at version 0.7.11 Final. There has also been a few third party add-ons introduced, and improvements made to the desktop and mobile clients. The community at SABnzbd has been very busy in the last months.

To The Entire Community: Congratulations

In a short time the community at SABnzbd has made this Newsreader a very popular Web based client indeed. And, the larger the community gets, the more versatile, (and powerful,) this reader can become. Congratulations for achieving so much in a short time, and keep up the good work!

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