2012 Top Usenet Search Service: Binsearch

February 24, 2012

Our selection for a Usenet search index this year is Binsearch.info. They have offered one the fastest and most complete search services available for the last year. The engine searches across more than 3,000 newsgroups for up to 1,200 days of retention, have all the filters a person could possibly want to narrow the search down, and can even repair a broken heart…well, maybe not the repairing a broken heart thing, but this search index is great.

Binsearch.info In The Last Year

For the last 12 months things have been quiet at Binsearch except the unfortunate outage at the end of the year caused by a couple of solid state disks giving up the ghost…at the same time. The guys here at UsenetReviews was quite impressed with the speed that they were able to get the system back up and running. Troubleshooting a single disk going bad is a difficult enough process, but when 2 go bad at the same time, it can really be quite frustrating. Here are a few of the pertinent details on Binsearch.info:

  • Completely free of charge.
  • SSL fully supported.
  • Create NZB files supported.RSS supported, though this is still experimental.
  • Continually updating the index,and improving the speed and returned results.
  • Search retentions as far back as 1,200 days.

Binsearch In The News

We’re sure that it was happily that Binsearch finished the year without many hitches…only the one disk incident, while other search index sites had more frequent down times. They have managed to stay out of the blogging limelight in a bad way. They have continued to upgrade their service, improving speed and relevance in the results, and made the retention rates to be searched longer.

Congratulations Binsearch

To all of the people at Binsearch that are keeping this search index free, thank you. A person would have a difficult time finding a better service for less. There are other services out there, but few that live up to the standards that these guys adhere to.

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