2012 Best Small Usenet Newsreader Award: Binreader

February 24, 2012

In this category the newsreader must have a small footprint…in every direction. Of course, size does matter, but resources used, like memory and processor. And the newsreader has to work extremely well, without any kind of issues. This year, mainly due to their portable version, Binreader has been our most used favorite. The simplicity of this downloader makes this one of the easiest newsreaders to use, and so time and again, we have found ourselves here at UsenetReviewz opening this client.

The Last Year For Binreader

Looking back on the last year, Binreader has had quite an uneventful 12 months. They have made a few repairs, and added in support for HDMI streaming in Linux distros, fixed a few bugs, and added in more functions to the video preview. But when there isn’t a lot going on, maintenance and support can be concentrated on more fully. They offer the newsreader for free, and almost every possible Operating System is supported.

Binreader Stats And Features

  • Free and works on almost every platform, Android apps are coming soon.
  • Works for every provider, and easily configured.
  • Preview of downloads supported, but Mac users will need mPlayer.
  • Automatically repairs and unpacks your downloads.
  • Option to ignore PAR2 files unless needed.
  • SSL fully supports, as is Ipv6.
  • Download/Extraction location selectable.
  • Pick your media player. (Except Mac users.)

Previews On Any Device

There are versions for every flavor, and any situation. They even have a portable version so you can load it to a removable media device, and carry it with you. Currently the latest version is 1.0 beta 3. This version adds in a lot of video functions, and lets Linux users have the option of streaming their previews to HDMI with more audio support. Nice!


We would like to thank the developers, support staffs, and any others involved in this for keeping this downloader free. Outstanding job folks, this wasn’t the biggest factor in your selection for this award, but it sure weighed in along with all the other perks. If you would like to tell us how much you like or dislike our decision making for our awards, yo can send us a Tweet to @usenetreviewz.

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