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Usenet Tutorial

Below are some helpful articles related to Usenet to help you get started using Usenet for filesharing.

Although Usenet can be a bit complicated nonetheless there are many benefits such as privacy, high speed downloads (when compared to other filesharing mechanisms).

Hopefully these Usenet tutorials and Usenet how to guides will make it easier for you to get started.

Usenet Help

NZBVortex Goes Cloud

NZBVortex announced that it is harnessing the power of the cloud – as marketing types might put it – to improve user experience using their service. This is unique to NZBVortex at the moment and the NZBVortex Cloud is designed to deal with some of the most common problems that people have using the USENET […]

NewsDemon Disk Failure or Scam?

There are two bits of bad news about NewsDemon. First, the company had a disk failure in early September that ended up costing them some customer data. None of the data was accessed by any hacker nor was any of it compromised in any other way. It was simply overwritten by accident and that data […]

Is Giganews an FBI Front ?

Conspiracy theories can do real harm to people and companies that simply do not have it coming. The website ran a post that made a slew of allegations against the USENET provider Giganews and the VPN service, VyprVPN, which can be purchased as a package along with the service or on its own. The […]

Dutch internet Surveillance and Censorship on the Rise?

Dutch Internet users have, though it has required more than one court battle, enjoyed a relatively high degree of privacy on the Internet. Now, however, copyright organizations in the Netherlands are proposing a new scheme that looks a lot like ones already in place in the United States and in the UK. Under this new […]

NZBGet Makes Improvements

NZBGet has made an improvement to how the program handles multithreading par repair. According to information from the developers, this was the most wanted feature on the program and, now, it’s available for anybody who uses NZBGet. Options The new feature has two options that should improve performance on the program for users. The first […]

NZBGet Review

If you’re an active USENET user, one of your options is to set up a smaller computer with the basic programs you need to perform automatic downloads and to use that as your client. Compact operating systems are great for this and NZBGet  is a solution that you might want to look into if you’re interested […]

Join the Fight for Net Neutrality

On September 10, 2014, millions of people took action to protect net neutrality. This included 2.1 million emails being sent to members of Congress, more than 300,000 phone calls being made to representatives and over 700,000 comments made to the FCC. Since March 1, 2014, nearly 5,000,000 comments have been made to the FCC regarding […]

TPP and the EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has a way of bringing to attention things that copyright cartels and their allies in government would rather people didn’t know about. Continuing on in that tradition, and in their fight against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the organization has linked to a petition, and made it widely available. The petition […]

Is Your USENET Traffic Being Throttled?

“Traffic shaping” is a nice-sounding term, but it refers to your ISP cutting your speed when you access certain services online. Oftentimes, torrent traffic and USENET traffic will be “shaped”—throttled—by the ISPs. You can test to see whether yours is being throttled and take actions if it is. Running the Test If you’re getting slow […]

NZB Sites List Updated

NZB sites tend to come and go. We’ve updated our list so that you can stay informed of the sites that are up and running, as well as get information on the quality of those sites and which might make a good choice for you. Check alongside the rating for any of the sites that […]