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Usenet Tutorial

Below are some helpful articles related to Usenet to help you get started using Usenet for filesharing.

Although Usenet can be a bit complicated nonetheless there are many benefits such as privacy, high speed downloads (when compared to other filesharing mechanisms).

Hopefully these Usenet tutorials and Usenet how to guides will make it easier for you to get started.

Usenet Help

Donations Accepted for Recently Pirated Movies

Every year we hear about how bad piracy is for the entertainment industry. This has been a longstanding argument that is part of a debate that will probably go on forever, despite statistics that have often showed that piracy helps more than it hurts. In any case, 2014’s batch of moviemakers includes at least a […]

NewsUp Review

Recently, a new Usenet binary poster called NewsUp has come to our attention. It’s a command line binary version that was developed in Perl, so it will work wherever that programming language is installed with the necessary modules. With NewsUp, then, you can easily back up all your personal files and/or binary files to the […]

NZBUnity iOS Review

Clarifcation: This review is for NZBUnity iOS not be confused with NZBUnity Android. NZBUnity is the solution so many have been looking for. In the past, you may have had a number of NZB apps on your phone, but no central version to manage them. This made using the NZB apps needlessly difficult. NZBUnity has […]

Will Netflix Crackdown Bring More Users to USENET?

Netflix may be one of the most popular services for streaming movies on the planet, but that doesn’t mean everyone on the planet gets the same service. Depending on which country you live in, Netflix provides you with various movies and TV shows. This differs from one country to the next, though, due in large […]

How to Start a Newsgroup in USENET

If you have an idea for starting your own Newsgroup on USENET, it’s not as easy as simply hitting a “create” button. There’s a sort of “best practices” you need to follow in order to ensure your group will stand a chance of being formed. First, make sure your group doesn’t already exist. Obviously, trying […]

SonArr Moves Away from Trakt to TVDB

Last week, a number of users ran into problems when trying to add new series to SonArr. The errors they received for their efforts came in various forms, but the result was the same: the platform wasn’t responding like it should have been. According to SonArr, the problem stems from their use of Trakt. It […]

NewsDemon’s New Year’s Sale

There’s good news for those who have Christmas money burning a hole through their pockets or otherwise didn’t get what they wanted under the tree. NewsDemon is currently throwing an End of the Year Sale that promises two very impressive deals. The first deal is for unlimited Usenet access for only $9.99a month. However, that […]

PirateNZB Review

As far as NZB sites go, PirateNZB isn’t lacking. It comes with an API (though right now it’s limited to VIPs) and new releases are starting to come in every day. However, you may still be wondering if it’s worth your time. Interface One major advantage you’ll notice right off the bat when using PirateNZB […]

File Sharing Unaffected Post Pirate Bay Shutdown

Given its place in the world of file sharing, The Pirate Bay had been facing legal challenges almost since the beginning. In the US alone, some 200,000 people have been sued for their BitTorrent activities, much of which was thanks to The Pirate Bay. As such, it wasn’t too surprising when police raided their Stockholm […]

UsenetServer Holiday Promotion

It’s not too late to get your loved ones an amazing gift at absolutely no cost. The group over at UsenetServer is offering a free month of VPN access to new members and any of their existing customers who don’t already have it. All you have to do is log in and claim it! However, […]