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Newsbin Review

Newsbin is an excellent Usenet newsreader that is dedicated to downloading binary content. Newsbin was actually one of the first systems that offered a dedicated binary content download facility of  Usenet.


Newsbin is a one time $30 charge and with the purchase you are entitled to unlimited upgrades.  Also with the one time $30 purchase you receive one year free of Newsbin Usenet search feature which is quite powerful. Also you can install Newsbin on two computers. Newsbin has a free 10 day trial also.

Usenet Search

Newsbin is now selling a Usenet search service for about $5 a month. However as mentioned with the $30 purchase you have one full year to evaluate the Usenet search service a bit so see if it is helpful.

Click here to download Newsbin Trial Version

NZB Support

Newsbin was the company that invented NZB files so yes definitely they support NZB downloads.

Platform Information

Newsbin is windows only however they offer both a 32 bit and a 64 bit version.

More Details

Since its first conception, it has been constantly adapting and developing to cater for demand and changes to the Usenet. It is available in 64 and 32 bit versions. The system runs at whatever speed your internet will allow and automatically combines multipart binary posts. This creates one file and allows you to organize them more easily.

Click here to try Newsbin for free

Speed Limiter

Newsbing has feature called Speed Limiter. As the name suggest, the main purpose is to limit both upload and download speed. This is very useful if user wants to download some content from the Usenet, but still requires a certain amount bandwidth. Therefore, this feature disables the complete bandwidth usage by the program.

Newsbin Website

The website is simple and clean and when you arrive you can go to the bottom of the home page and see a range of options. One of the really useful sections for those that are new to Usenet and the newsgroups is the support section. As well as online support and online help, there is a tutorials section.

These tutorials are really invaluable if you are a bit unsure of what you are doing. They are simple and easy to follow, starting with the installation tutorial that will walk you through every aspect of installing Newsbin.

Other tutorials are running newsbin for the first time, adding a new server, entering your registration key and changing from two pane to three pane view. These tutorials will get you through all the basics simply and quickly.

Another useful section on the website is the forums where you can search for help topics and any issues that are currently being discussed. This is a great solution when you are looking for the answer to a problem. It seems from discussions on the forum that the main reason people stick with and choose Newsbin is the frequency of their updates and their efficiency.

Duplicate Detection

Newsbin uses Duplicate Detection mechanism in order to determine if you have previously downloaded a specific file before. It works in a ways that “Signature” of each file you download is saved in a database called signature.db3. If this option is disabled, Newsbin will not check for duplicate files being downloaded, so it is highly recommended that you leave this option on (which is a default setting). Finally, duplicate file download can be forced by choosing the “Add to Download List – Bypass filters” option (keyboard shortcut of CTRL-Y).

Features at a Glance

Some of the advantages of using Newsbin are:

  • really easy to use interface for both beginners and for the more experienced Usenet user
  • the software has good multiple server support
  • SSL encryption
  • compatibility of the software is excellent and you should not have any problems with Usenet providers
  • continual software enhancements and adaptations
  • integrated Usenet search feature via the Internet


Search and download feature:

Adding groups:


There is a fee for Newsbin. Some people put this as a downside, but we really dont see it that way. When the cost is only $30 and this is a one time fee that allows you to have unlimited free updates, it is hard to see this as a downside!  Also as mentioned one entire year is included with purchase to evaluate Newsbin’s USENET search. From asking around, it is hard to find a Newsbin user that has anything bad to say about the service they receive or even ways in which it could be improved. Most comment on how fast it is and that it excels in performance when compared to others.

Newsbin is very fast and does the job well and is our top rated Usenet Newsreader. We like the one time charge and also the ability to pause and adjust the download speeds easily.

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Editor Rating
5 stars
Price$30 One Time
Usenet Search$2.50 to $5 Monthly
Free TrialYes
Alexa Rank99,999,999

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3 Comments about Newsbin Review

  1. David Neal Shapero on October 31st, 2013

    I paid for your product a while ago. Recently when I installed Windows 8.1 I lost the app for your product. How can I get another copy of it without paying for it?


  2. Jonno on March 13th, 2014

    NewsBin is a great program. It works every time and should you have a problem, you can easily contract the company through their forums and sort things out. Not that you should have problems, as it’s pretty much idiot proof. Throw a NZB at it and the files will be downloaded, parred, unrarred and expanded right where you want it.

    I’ve been using a lot over the last 10 years without worry.

    NewsBin didn’t invent NZBs. The original idea came from Holland.

  3. Jonno on March 13th, 2014

    Re: David above – email NewsBin direct, they keep records of all sales and will soon sort you out.

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