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Newsbin Review

Newsbin is one of the most well-known and heavily used binary downloaders for the USENET system. It is advanced, flexible and has been under continuous development for many years. Its features and overall power reflect this, and it’s one of the best options out there for advanced USENET users and for novice users who really want to get the most out of their USENET subscription.


• For $30, you get a full subscription to unlimited updates to the Newsbin program. It’s a great value and the program regularly goes through performance-enhancing upgrades. There is a subscription service, see below, that you can subscribe to, as well, that increases the value of the product.

Usenet Search

• There is a USENET search feature sold as an add-on to Newsbin that’s definitely worth considering. You can get a three month search service with auto-renew for $15 per month and unlimited searches.

• You can also go for six months for the same price with 500 searches per month. The standard search, one-year option doesn’t renew on its own and offers 500 searches per month for $30.

Any one of these options is a good value. The search service is integrated right into the program, so there are no complications added.

Click here to download Newsbin Trial Version

NZB Support

Newsbin is one of the first Newsreader to adapt to the now ubiquitous NZB format. This program is fully compatible with the NZB specification and one of the most convenient for using this popular format.

Platform Information

There are 32- and 64-bit versions of this program. It runs exclusively on the Windows OS.

More Details

Newsbin is one of the most frequently and intelligently updated pieces of software out there for USENET users. It has great features built into it that make it easy to use once you get the hang of it. Some of those features also prevent you from having your time wasted with password protected archives and other spam.

Click here to try Newsbin for free

Speed Limiter

If your bandwidth allotment is getting hogged by your USENET connection, fear no more. This feature allows you to decide how much bandwidth Newsbin uses, making it much easier to download content and surf at the same time.

Newsbin Tutorials

Given the length of time it’s been around, it should come as no surprise that Newsbin has a very large user base. That user base regularly posts questions and comments to the forums at the Newsbin site and they’re great sources of information for novices and advanced users alike.

This program also has the advantage of having some excellent tutorials on its homepage. Most of the instructions that you’ll ever need are found here.

Duplicate Detection

Newsbin uses the Duplicate Detection mechanism in order to determine if you have previously downloaded a specific file before. A “Signature” of each file you download is saved in a database called signature.db3. If this option is disabled, Newsbin will not check for duplicate files being downloaded, so it is highly recommended that you leave this option on (which is a default setting). Finally, duplicate file downloads can be forced by choosing the “Add to Download List – Bypass filters” option (keyboard shortcut CTRL-Y).

Other Great Features at a Glance

• Newsbin has some very intelligent features built into it. When an archive is password protected, you can automatically eliminate it from downloading the file in your options menu. This will take care of most of the spam on USENET in the time it takes to select a single option!

• The software is also highly customizable. There are several different views that a user can choose from and the software allows you to quickly do things like delete your download history, automatically detects if you’ve already downloaded a file before and so forth.

• As just one more way that Newsbin combats spam, you can set a minimum file size limit, allowing you to avoid a lot of fake posts. The developers even keep a database of spam that prevents it from being offered up in lists of results.


• Downloading Thumbnailsnewsbin652


Adding groups:


Newsbin is one of the leading, perhaps the leading, binary downloader for USENET. It’s fast, very powerful, flexible and well-built. It’s always improved upon, as well.

This is the go-to program for a lot of heavy USENET users and might become yours, as well, once you give it a try. Be aware that the interface looks complex at first, but it’s very intelligently assembled. You’ll see this once you get the hang of it.

Newsbin has a lot to offer. Add the search feature and it offers even more. The spam protection just might be the standout feature on this program, and it’s hard to find another that rivals Newsbin in this regard, if there are any.

Newsbin News and Updates

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Editor Rating
5 stars
Price$30 One Time
Usenet Search$15 to $30 Monthly
Free TrialYes
Alexa Rank99,999,999

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3 Comments about Newsbin Review

  1. David Neal Shapero on October 31st, 2013

    I paid for your product a while ago. Recently when I installed Windows 8.1 I lost the app for your product. How can I get another copy of it without paying for it?


  2. Jonno on March 13th, 2014

    NewsBin is a great program. It works every time and should you have a problem, you can easily contract the company through their forums and sort things out. Not that you should have problems, as it’s pretty much idiot proof. Throw a NZB at it and the files will be downloaded, parred, unrarred and expanded right where you want it.

    I’ve been using a lot over the last 10 years without worry.

    NewsBin didn’t invent NZBs. The original idea came from Holland.

  3. Jonno on March 13th, 2014

    Re: David above – email NewsBin direct, they keep records of all sales and will soon sort you out.

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